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Improve your culinary habits

Enjoy the delicacies of French cuisine, the secrets and tastes of which a true Frenchman wants to share with you.

Discover a variety of gourmet foods, condiments, spices, sauces, wines and spirits, cheeses, duck livers (French foie gras) or wonderful truffles that all of France is proud of.

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Hi, my name is Mehdi Fouquet, I was born and raised in a small but incredibly beautiful town in the heart of Provence, France. 3 years ago, a lucky chance brought me to Lithuania, where I moved to live, gradually getting to know and absorbing this wonderful world. As I discovered Lithuanian culture for myself, I had a desire to share a piece of the French world in return. This is how my shop of French products and wine appeared.

Here I have collected only the freshest, delicious and unique products that you will not find anywhere else in Lithuania.