These general conditions of sale concern the sale on the website www.lapetitefrance.lt and all the products of the grocery store, La petite France Vilnius (Ligoninės g. 11, LT-01140 VILNIUS), UAB Iriška 303124006, Smolensko g. 10D-35, 03234 Vilnius at intended for individuals, excluding professional customers. For the latter, we have specific rates and conditions available on request.



The automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order. We confirm the acceptance of his order to the customer at the email address provided by the latter. The information provided by the buyer when placing the order commits the latter: in the event of an error in the wording of the recipient's contact details, the seller cannot be held responsible for non-delivery. Any additional costs caused by these errors will be borne by the customer.


Our prices, established in euros, are inclusive of all taxes, departure from VILNIUS. They can be changed without notice. Our products are always sold at the prices in effect on the day the order is placed.


Our products can be delivered free of charge in Vilnius and its region for any order for an amount of more than € 50 including VAT. Below this value, a flat-rate contribution to shipping and packaging costs is calculated and automatically added to the amount of the order.


The prices of our products, and the shipping costs automatically calculated on the site, are only valid in Lithuania. We can also make deliveries to all European countries. In this case, please contact us first and tell us the products concerned with the purchase so that we can calculate and tell you the shipping costs.


All goods travel at the risk and peril of our customers. They must therefore make specific reservations directly with the carrier in the event of damage or missing items, and confirm these reservations by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the last carrier within three (3) days of delivery.


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, our customers have 14 clear days (extended if necessary until the next working day), from the day after receipt of the package, to form an opinion. During this 14-day period, our customers can exercise their right of withdrawal by returning the package * to us in perfect condition in its original packaging, to the following address:

UAB Iriška, "La petite France"
Ligoninės g. 11, LT-01140 VILNIUS

We will refund the full amount collected, only the return costs remaining the responsibility of our customers.

* Several types of products cannot be returned. Perishable goods such as fresh food.


No order can be shipped without first receiving payment by credit card or bank transfer, except when paying on delivery *.
Payment by credit card is made directly on the site in a secure environment, and without going through our site's server. 
The order validated by our customers will only be effective when the payment centers (BANK) concerned have given their agreement. In case of refusal of said payment centers, the order will be canceled and the customer notified.
Finally, we reserve the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute.


They are made as and when orders are received, and subject to product availability. Product availability is posted on the website. We make every effort to indicate the most exact delivery times possible, but these remain essentially dependent on transport. Under no circumstances will a delay in delivery give rise to an action for damages from our customers, or to an order cancellation.

The Seller shall ensure that a courier delivering ordered goods to the Buyer always checks a personal document of the Buyer or a person accepting the goods, and makes sure that the date of birth specified in the order matches the date in the submitted document, and that the Buyer/person accepting goods is not younger than 20 years of age. If the date of birth indicated in the order does not match the date of birth in a personal document, the Seller shall ensure that a courier delivering ordered goods to the Buyer checks if a person actually accepting the goods has reached the age of 20. If a person accepting the goods has not reached the age of 20, the goods are not delivered and the order is annulled.

Alcoholic beverages are delivered (i.e. transported) to the Buyer only if during transportation they have legally binding mandatory documents proving acquisition or transportation of those products.

If the order is annulled, the Seller initiates a return of money to the Buyer if the money was paid when placing the order. In any case the Seller shall ensure that Buyers’ orders placed on the Website are executed and actually delivered by following restrictions and prohibitions established in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Alcohol Control (i.e. orders are not executed from 8PM to 10AM, from 3PM to 10PM on Sundays and on 1 September)..


Any modification or cancellation of an order requested by our customers can only be taken into account if it has reached us in writing (email, telephone, social networks) before the products are shipped.

* Vilnius only.


You declare to have read and accepted these general conditions of sale before your order. The validation of your order therefore implies acceptance of these conditions.


We make every effort to maintain sufficient stocks. However, some references may be missing without incurring our responsibility.


We reserve title to the goods supplied until full payment of the price, in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


To comply with licensing and other legislation some products and services on this website are only available to certain categories of customers (such as people aged 20 years and over) ("Restricted Items").  The type of items that fall into the category of Restricted Items include alcohol.